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The Point of Care Marketing Association (POCMA; www.pocmarketing.org ), a non-profit organization that aims to support the continued growth of the Point of Care (POC) media channel, today released new industry research focusing on the challenges and ways to improve POC performance measurement. The study was done in collaboration with research firm Syneractiv™.

"This research is part of our organization's commitment to continuously help companies use the Point of Care channel effectively to drive their business strategy," said Nicole Divinagracia, executive director, Point of Care Marketing Association.

Study Recommendations

The new study showed commonly used POC analytic methods exhibit significant methodological variations that result in inconsistent and often conflicting measurement. Test vs. Control studies, which are one of two key POC measurement solutions, often do not follow consistent standards in control selection. The other measurement solution, Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM), which includes POC, is often run with inconsistent timing and geographic granularity. This may result in underestimating the impact of POC. Data input in MMM specific to POC also may not capture the full depth and breadth of POC activity. A significant number of study respondents indicated they have no minimum campaign spend thresholds for measuring POC in MMM, potentially leading to inaccurate reads for low-reach campaigns.

"There's room for improvement in POC input data – MMM needs data variability and other digital channels provide clicks and impressions. POC media should use actual patient traffic data which can provide variability." said Eric Talbot, Chief Strategy Officer, MedFuse and a study contributor.

In response to the key findings, the following recommendations were offered for improving POC performance measurement:

  • Include and align POC campaigns with the broader omnichannel campaign goals and measurement plan.
  • Define and implement rigorous standards for defining control groups for Test vs. Control studies.
  • Ensure POC campaigns have enough reach to be included in MMM analysis.
  • Leverage granular inputs for POC when measuring via an MMM.
  • Determine if campaign length and audience size adjustments are needed for MMM key performance indicators (KPIs) to be compared to Test vs. Control.

"Look at your brand objectives for POC campaigns and build out a measurement framework as rigorously as you would in digital," said Shannon Mitchell, director of global media operations, Merck, and a study contributor.

For access to the full research study:  https://pocmarketing.org/resources/#facts-figures

About the Point of Care Marketing Association
Founded in 2013, the Point of Care Marketing Association advocates for the effective use of the point of care channel to advance patient healthcare outcomes. Members of the association work closely with brand, agency, and provider stakeholders to advocate for the channel and promote its positive impact to ensure its continued growth as a vital and innovative segment of healthcare marketing.

About Syneractiv
Syneractiv is a fast-growing marketing analytics advisory startup that assists marketers and analytics organizations close their analytics knowledge gap in a rapidly evolving tech and privacy landscape. Syneractiv founder, Joy Joseph, has over 2 decades of experience leading analytical research, product, and consulting teams in the Martech space.

Source: Point of Care Marketing Association

By Jordan Mathews