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JupiterOne, the industry's leading cyber asset attack surface management (CAASM) platform, today announced updated findings from the Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) of JupiterOne study conducted by Forrester Consulting. The study reveals a three-year ROI of 332 percent for the JupiterOne offering. Additionally, the study outlines how a composite organization based on interviewed customers saved $3.99M over three years versus costs of $925K, resulting in a net present value (NPV) of $3.07M, with the solution more than paying for itself within the first six months.

JupiterOne commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct this TEI™ study and assess the cost savings for organizations that have previously struggled to deliver and support comprehensive security in complex cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid environments.

According to the study, the interviewed organizations faced a major challenge before investing in JupiterOne: "[Companies used] outdated, inaccurate spreadsheets that were rarely updated to reflect the organizations' real cyber footprint. This led the security teams at these organizations to spend vast amounts of time on rote, manual, error-ridden processes. In addition to operational inefficiencies, organizations were exposed to security vulnerabilities due to ungoverned assets that were difficult to locate."

Organizations that used JupiterOne saw improved customer experience by delivering on their brand promise through more secure, consistent engagement with customers and customer data. Customers also saw an ROI in under six months with the below savings being typical:

  • $2M reduction in security risk from diminished attack surface over three years as an organization's attack surface was reduced by 150% in the first year
  • More than $1M reduction in business risk associated with a severe security breach over three years due to shortened response time to security incidents and a reduction in hours needed by an organization's SecOps team to manually identify cyber assets during security breaches
  • $496,000 realized in SecOps incident response efficiencies from improved cyber asset visibility over three years due to a decrease in time spent responding to security threats
  • Enhanced compliance and certification posture worth $462,000as a result of automated evidence collection and integrations for protective coverage for third-party apps speeds certification and audits

In addition, the study highlights many qualitative benefits for organizations from using JupiterOne, such as:

  • Time to value - Organizations reduced the time to release revenue-generating features and updates and allowed organizations to accelerate mergers and acquisitions as a result of improved transparency
  • Flexibility - Organizations were able to expand organizational reach and functionality as they later realized additional uses and business opportunities after initial deployment

The companies interviewed by Forrester about their experiences using the JupiterOne CAASM platform said the following:

  • The Director of Digital Security and Resilience in the Telecommunications industry shared an example of how his organization was able to recoup millions of dollars from a vendor: "We had a misconfiguration incident. One system was missing MFA enforcement for the users. The vendor responsible for the SaaS app credited $9 million back to us after we demonstrated that it was (a) fraud. If we had visibility on the users and their configuration on that system, we could have been aware of the risk or maybe prevented it."
  • The Director of Information Security in the Martech industry shared that JupiterOne improved his organization's security posture through continuous monitoring, fast detection of cyber assets, and a faster overall response to security breaches. He said: "With JupiterOne, we can focus on strategy to solve security problems. It enables us to transform to a more analytic position and focus on best practices, rather than on scripting and in spreadsheets."
  • An Infosec Manager at the FinTech organization commented on the swift time to value of JupiterOne: "It provides a consolidated view of the digital environment. With JupiterOne, the time to value in visibility was immediate: within the first 30 days with integrations."

Organizations reinvest the time and resource savings they experience by using the JupiterOne CAASM platform in other critical aspects of their business, such as shifting focus from operational issues to proactive security initiatives. It helps security leaders prioritize solutions that impact the business from a cost and human capital perspective while still meeting requirements. Having access to data on incidents and related security information in one place provides organizations with critical visibility and the necessary security context of their cyber asset landscape, which serves as the foundation for their security programs. With JupiterOne, organizations can "know what they have" and "focus on what matters".

A virtual fireside chat to discuss the results of the TEI study will be held on Thursday, March 2, 2023 at 4pm ET featuring guest speaker, Forrester Senior Analyst, Jess Burn. To register, please visit: https://info.jupiterone.com/resources/forrester-cisco-jupiterone-firesidechat

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To read the full TEI™ study, please visit: https://info.jupiterone.com/resources/total-economic-impact-study-forrester-jupiterone?utm_source=referral&utm_medium=press-release&utm_campaign=forrester-tei-study.

To learn more about some of the guiding principles in the development of JupiterOne, register for the 2023 CyberDefense Matrix Conference here: https://info.jupiterone.com/cyber-defense-matrix-conference

Erkang Zheng, Founder and CEO at JupiterOne
JupiterOne pioneered a new approach to security because previous approaches have failed to provide businesses with the value they needed to safeguard and protect their enterprises. Customers featured in this study have chosen JupiterOne as their strategic partner, and the Forrester Consulting study highlights that their experience is seeing their security risks reduced and SecOps efficiencies improved. Because the security landscape is constantly changing, we survey our customers regularly to ensure that we meet their expectations."

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